Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hola hola good girls bad girls :) How are you all today? Yesterday I've just received my mail and known that my circle lenses came >.< Aku pengen banget mencoba softlens ini karena aku punya Princess Mimi Series #Chocolate dan aku cinta sekali <3 i always looking for some natural lenses that blend well with my iris and enlarge at the same time. Seneng sekali LSHOP SOFTLENS sponsorin aku sepasang softlens Princess Mimi Series #Almond :)

Lens detail
Brand : GEO Medical
From : South Korea
Series : Princess Mimi
Colour : Almond
Diameter : 14.5
BC : 8.6
Duration : 1 year

Foto di tempat terang :) Kamu juga bisa liat fotoku memakai Softlens Princess Mimi #Almond di : NINE MUSES HYEMI MAKEUP TUTORIAL  =)

Warna softlens nya natural banget kan? :)
(Taken by iphone 4s)

Overall :
- Lens ini memberikan efek mata besar yang natural, tidak terlalu besar dan terlihat aneh ketika kamu pakai hihi. 
- Softlens ini bener-bener nyaman, bahkan aku merasa seperti tidak memakai softlens (ini beneran apa adanya bukan promosi) :)) Even after 8 hours of wearing them they're still comfortable!
Geo Softlens is the best lenses I own! The most comfortable, natural and great design. Kalo kamu belum pernah mencoba circle lens, dan pengen warna coklat yang natural, I highly recommend you get these lenses! :)

RATING : 5 Cupcakes ^^

where to buy?
Princess Bambi Series #Almond Brown Softlens by LSHOP SOFTLENS
Twitter : LShop_Softlens
FB : LShop Softlens
SMS / WA : 083840886978


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because you're a reflection of what they wish to be” 

"When you choose to see the good in others, 
you end up finding the good in yourself"

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  1. cantikk >.<
    suka quote kamu (y)

  2. motifnya lucu ^^
    btw, bener banget tuh ada haters karena kita lebih baik dari mereka..
    haters jadiin aku malah makin semangat buat berkarya..hihi
    Cayoo! :)

  3. These look so nice. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive T_T

  4. you're beautiful and gorgeous! love your blog. :D
    i'm new on the blog-things, and i've started my blog today.
    i follow you :D

    mampir yah

  5. order softlens ini juga setelah baca blog kamu :)

  6. order softlens ini juga ke LSHOP SOFTLENS setelah baca blog kamu :)

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