Friday, November 22, 2013

BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAY! omg~ Box nya Lola bulan november kali ini super LUCU!!! >.< Kaget lihat paket dirumah yang ternyata dari Lola Box lagi, so happy~ thank you so much! >.< This month's Lola Beauty Box is very eyecathing~ I think it's my favourite beauty box that I've ever received! so~ keep reading to see what's inside!

if you missed last month's box, you can check it out by clicking  LOLA BOX OCTOBER, but lets see what came in November's box!! *_*

1. LADY GAGA FAME | EDP : Embrace Lady Gaga Fame, the sultry black eu de parfum. First of its kind in fluid technology, it is black like the soul of Fame but invisible once airborne. This black fluid exudes a lustful, floral, fruity essence for fabulous little monsters.
Rp 495.000 / 30 ml - Rp. 670.000 / 50 ml - Rp 990.000 / 100 ml

** Aku termasuk orang yang hobby koleksi perfume artis2 lol mulai dari Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, sampe Justin Bieber.. entah kenapa untuk perfume Lady Gaga kurang begitu tertarik (mungkin karena botol nya yang kurang oke? hahhaa~) and It's not really a scent that I would wear, I don't like the perfume enough to buy it. It doesn't have special appeal to me >.< **

2. BIODERMA | Sensibio : The benchmark micelle solution that cleanses and removes make-up from sensitive skin.
Rp 179.000 / 250 ml

** Baca review tentang Bioderma katanya bagus banget! hhihihi mau cobaa langsung~ **

3. BRAD BIOPHOTONIC SKIN CARE | Ultra Peel : This multi-cellular exfoliating gel is the ultimate aid in revealing youthful looking skin. It promotes cell renewal while fighting pigmentation, dryness, acne, fine lines and wrinkles.
Rp 1.738.000 / 50 ml

**  O___O (mahal gilak 50ml hampir 2 jeti, lumayan cicip2 barang mahal hehehoho) **

4. TONY MOLY | Expert Triple BB Cream SPF45 PA++ : Expert triple BB cream SPF 45PA++ diffuses reflection makes prism effects under any lights, completes spotless shiny skin expert 3D collagen BB cream SPF40++ Boosting Collagen synthesis effect helps skin reconstruction.
Rp 269.000 / 50 ml

** Belum pernah cobain bb cream Tony Moly!!! thank you Lola~ **

5. SKIN FOOD | Salmon Brightening Eye Serum : highlighy concentrated water-based serum rich in omega-3 fatty acid, haloxyl, arbutin and vitamins to improve blood circulation and whiten skin for excellent radiant eyes.
Rp 375.000 / 30 ml

** Pernah cobain ini tapi enggak ngaruh TT__TT sekarang malah pake Lancôme Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl >.< the besttt!**

6. TOE SEPARATOR (Style Editor's Pick)

Buat kalian yang gak mau ketinggalan Lola Box bulan berikutnya, 
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What do you think of this month's box? What did you receive? Would love to see it!


  1. aaaa penasaran sama bbc tony molynyaaa... menunggu reviewnyaaa yaak syaa! *hwaiting*

  2. Skin food salmonnya xD


  3. thank for review!
    ditunggu review product nya yaaa :)

  4. ya ampun box nya lola bulan ini lucu banget >,<