Few days ago i just got back from Seoul Korea. First of all i just want to say thank you so much VISITSEOUL.NET to making this happen! x'D

Fyi this is not the first time i came to Seoul, years ago i visited Seoul and Jeju Island for holiday too. The different things are VISITSEOUL.NET who bring me to Seoul and I can feel happiness while exercising and explore more about Hallyu Wave!! hiks hiks KAMSAHAMNIDAA :')

* All Flight Attendants are pretty like Kpop Idols *

FLY TO SEOUL - 10 February 2014 : I've flown Korean Air for the second time and i really love love Korean Air~ as u know that Korean Air offers good food, very friendly staff and good service ;)

* Bibimbab for Dinner on Airplane - nom nom nom *

DAY 1 :

After 7 hours on airplane finally we are arrived in Incheon Internation Airport and the weather is around -1 degrees!! brrrr... 너무 추워요~ xD

Welcome to Korea~~ uuuuh my favourite Country ALL THE TIME!!!! 

* View from my Hotel, Hello N Seoul Tower~~ *

We stayed at TMark Hotel Myeondong for 3 nights on the 7th floor. Room is very clean and warm. Super comfortable! ^^

A guide book is always useful when traveling. we need this to take a subway ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ! ;)

Preparing my polaroid camera~

Polaroid Camera is a must! lol

* With my lil Sister *

* The Tour Guide - Kim Onnie *

I really love Kim Onnie!!!!! She is best tour guide I have ever met. i never met a tour guide like her before, Kim Onnie is really kind and caring person <3 i miss her already! <3

The first place we went was Insadong :) 

Delicious Dinner (but i dont eat Pork T_T)

This is Jimmy and Crystal, guest from Malaysia. Love this couple <3
Jimmy and Crystal ate all the pork LOL

Guest from Hongkong and Singapore .. :)

ahhh~ Korean Tea!!!

* Pretend that i lost and .. HANDSOME OPPAAAA PLS TAKE ME HOME! ㅎㅎㅎ*

After eating a delicious lunch we are going to Bukchon Hanok Village :)

(Wikipedia) Bukchon Hanok Village is a Korean traditional village with a long history located between Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Royal Shrine. The traditional village is composed of lots of alleys, hanok and is preserved to show a 600-year-old urban environment. Now it is used as a traditional culture center and hanok restaurant, allowing visitors to experience the atmosphere of the Joseon Dynasty.

Namsan Seoul Tower : i've been here for 2 times and i really love this place *_* One of romantic places for couples ;p

Hansome Oppaa .. where are you? ;p

 * My sister wrote her name and Taemin (Shinee) on love locks .. crazy fangirl~ HAHAHA * 

DAY 2 :

Day 2 : We visited Lotte Duty Free! If you're looking for Korean brand cosmetics you can shop at the Lotte Duty Free store. Sstt~ many items are sold in bulk xD

STYLENANDA!! *scream out loud*

We have a free time in Lotte World~ wohooo~ ^^

by the way .. so many cute couples .. me and my sister was like zzzzzzzz TT__TT 

(Wikipedia) Lotte World is a major recreation complex in Seoul, South Korea. It consists of the world's largest indoor theme park (a Guinness World Record) which is open all year around, an outdoor amusement park called "Magic Island", an artificial island inside a lake linked by monorail, shopping malls, a luxury hotel, a Korean folk museum, sports facilities, and movie theaters. Opened on July 12, 1989, Lotte World receives over 8 million visitors each year and is considered, along with Tokyo Disney Resort, as one of the most world-class theme parks in Asia. 

After free time in Lotte World, we are going to Drawing Show. Best show ever~~

(VisitSeoul.net) The Original Drawing Show is an original art performance that was started by art director Jin-yu Kim in 2007. Utilizing various talents and techniques, the audience can see the fantastic transformation of artwork being drawn and completed at high speeds. The actors' humorous acts work with the audience reactions to make the show even more entertaining.

More info about Drawing Show : DRAWING SHOW

Our Dinner Menu : SAMGYETANG!!! MY FAVOURITE! hosh hosh hosh!

(Wikipedia) Samgyetang is a variety of guk Korean soup, which primarily consists of a whole young chicken and Korean ginseng. The dish's name literally translates as "'ginseng chicken soup" in English. Samgyetang is traditionally served in the summer for its supposed nutrients, which replaces those lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summers in Korea.

I really really love NU'EST!!! So when we have a free time at night .. me, my sister and singaporean girls are going to PLEDIS and SME by subway hahaha! 

SM Entertainment at Night *sigh* Still so manyyyy fangirls waiting outside the building .. then we saw Super Junior (Eunhyuk & Donghae), EXO (full member), and SM ROOKIES!!! KYAH!!!!! *happy face* xD

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  1. seru bgt! jadi pengen ke Korea juga :D


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